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Illés Farkas, Senior research associate at the Statistical and Biological Physics
of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Group head: Tamás Vicsek, my mentor.
Email: fij@elte.hu · Phone: (+36 1) 372 2762 · Address: Eotvos University,
Department of Biological Physics, Pazmany P. s. 1A, Budapest 1117, Hungary  

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Highlights of past research
Current research projects
Evolution of social networks – with Ádám Szántó-Várnagy (student), Péter Pollner (HAS), Tamás Vicsek (ELTE, HAS)
Collective self-driven and pedestrian motion – with Jeromos Kun (student), Yi Jin (ECUST), MingLiang Xu (ZZU)
Domain co-occurrence networks – with Jeromos Kun (student)

Res.assistantStudentEarlier students (reverse time order)

Jeromos Kun
Physics MSc '14

Phys. PhD student

Mihály Koltai
Biology MSc Jan '12
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Gábor Boross
Biology MSc Jun '09
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Katalin Orosz
Physics MSc Jan '09
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