This page contains some datasets that I used in my papers and that might be useful for someone else as well. These are graphs stored in GraphML format. You can use the igraph library to deal with them in C, C++, R, Python or Ruby

Visuotactile brain areas and connections

This file contains a graph model of the visuotactile brain areas and connections of the macaque monkey. The model consists of 45 areas and 463 directed connections.

Reference: Négyessy L., Nepusz T., Kocsis L., Bazsó F.: Prediction of the main cortical areas and connections involved in the tactile function of the visual cortex by network analysis. European Journal of Neuroscience 23(7):1919–1930, 2006.


Friendship network of a UK university faculty

The personal friendship network of a faculty of a UK university, consisting of 81 vertices (individuals) and 817 directed and weighted connections. The school affiliation of each individual is stored as a vertex attribute. This dataset can serve as a testbed for community detection algorithms.

Reference: Nepusz T., Petróczi A., Négyessy L., Bazsó F.: Fuzzy communities and the concept of bridgeness in complex networks. Physical Review E 77:016107, 2008.