Contact info

Dániel Ábel

  • graduate student @ ELTE TTK Dep. of Biological Physics, Budapest, Hungary
  • co-founder of spin-off company  maven7


Publications related to the COLLMOT project

  1. G. Vásárhelyi, Zs. Ákos, M. Nagy, D. Ábel, B. Petit, D. Biro and T. Vicsek (2013) Novel methods for high-throughput automated ethology 9-9 [url] Abstracts of Animal Swarms Conference detailed record
  2. B. Ferdinandy, K. Bhattacharya, D. Ábel and T. Vicsek (2012) Landing together: How flocks arrive at a coherent action in time and space in the presence of perturbations Physica A 391 1207-1215 Elsevier [doi] detailed record
  3. M. Nagy, G. Vásárhelyi, B. Pettit, I. Roberts-Mariani, D. Ábel, D. Biro and T. Vicsek (2011) Computer vision aided quantitative analysis of the social dominance hierarchy of homing pigeons Collective dynamics and pattern formation in active matter systems – International Workshop detailed record
  4. N. Tarcai, Cs. Virágh, D. Ábel, M. Nagy, P. L. Várkonyi, G. Vásárhelyi and T. Vicsek (2011) Patterns, transitions and the role of leaders in the collective dynamics of a simple robotic flock Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2011 P04010 [doi] [url] [pdf] detailed record
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Other publications

  1. G. Palla, D. Ábel, I. J. Farkas, P. Pollner, I. Derényi and T. Vicsek (2009) k-clique Percolation and Clustering 369--408 9 Springer Handbook of Large-scale Random Networks Béla Bollobás and Robert Kozma and Dezsö Miklós
  2. D. Ábel (2009) Tracking the movement of hundreds of bacteria [pdf]
  3. D. Ábel, P. Pollner, A. Vicsek, G. Palla and T. Vicsek (2008) A real-world hierarchical social network: a case-study of a large European company [pdf]
  4. G. Palla, P. Pollner, I. J. Farkas, I. Derényi, D. Ábel, A. Vicsek and T. Vicsek (2008) Centrality properties of directed module members in social networks. Physica A 387 4959-4966 [doi] [pdf] [arXiv]
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