Contact info

Előd Méhes, PhD

  • research fellow @ ELTE, Department of Biological Physics, Budapest, Hungary


I earned my MSc in biology in 1996 from Eötvös University, Budapest followed by a degree in English translation and interpreting in 1997 and an ME in biology teaching in 2010, all from Eötvös University, Budapest. Following the MSc I moved on to research and earned my PhD from the Faculty of Veterinary Science of Szt. István University (thesis title: “Extracellular matrix and cytoskeleton: investigations of the impact of laminin-1 on cell motility through the dystrophin glycoprotein complex (DGC) in cultured retinal Muller glial cells”). Since then I have been working in cell motility and videomicroscopy at the Department of Biological Physics of Eötvös University.

I currently work as a post-doc research fellow in the EU ERC COLLMOT project where I am involved in the Cellcollmot sub-project investigating pattern formation by collective cell migration-driven segregation, an research field in experimental biology closely related to cell biology and time-lapse videomicroscopy.

Publications related to the COLLMOT project

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  3. E. Méhes, E. Mones, V. Németh and T. Vicsek (2012) Collective Motion of Cells Mediates Segregation and Pattern Formation in Co-Cultures PLoS ONE 7 e31711 Public Library of Science [doi] detailed record


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