Contact info

Valéria Németh

  • junior research associate @ ELTE TTK Dep. of Biological Physics, Budapest, Hungary


I recieved my M.Sc. degree in biology from the University of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary in 2006. I am working as a research associate in cell motility and videomicroscopy in the EU ERC COLLMOT project at the Department of Biological Physics of Eötvös University.


  1. E. Méhes, E. Mones, V. Németh and T. Vicsek (2012) Collective Motion of Cells Mediates Segregation and Pattern Formation in Co-Cultures PLoS ONE 7 e31711 Public Library of Science [doi] detailed record
  2. B. Gönci, V. Németh, E. Balogh, B. Szabó, A. Denes, Zs. Környei and T. Vicsek (2010) Viral Epidemics in a Cell Culture: Novel High Resolution Data and Their Interpretation by a Percolation Theory Based Model PLOS ONE 5 [doi] detailed record