Dancing with Drones

 Dancing with Drones is an EU-funded  ICT & ART Connect project. In cooperation with  Nina Kov, a professional choreographer and dancer from London, UK, we create the first ever human-drone aerial group dance.


The goal of “Dancing with Drones” is to create a common ground for the study and understanding of movement and the organised succession of movement (choreography) for both humans and UAVs. In this context drones will be considered as choreographical agents, and presented as such to a broader audience. The importance of developing peaceful applications for drones by creating a connection with the public is more crucial than ever. The goal of this project is to show the peaceful, civil and creative applications of drones, and the possibilities opened by collaboration between scientists and artists. It will end with the demonstration of the world’s first ever human-drone aerial group dance piece. The project is a collaboration between choreographer Nina Kov (London), and the COLLMOT Robotic Research Group (Budapest), who recently created the first completely autonomous flock of quadcopter drones.The UAV flock was created based on animal movement patterns, in order to study efficient autonomous movement strategies within a group context. Nina Kov is a pioneer in terms of unmanned aerial device-human choreographic interactions. She created Copter for the PlacePrize 2012, a dance duet with a miniature helicopter. The COLLMOT team and Nina Kov share a common interest in the universal motion patterns existing in flocking and swarming behaviour, applied to animal or robotic conduct. By introducing an artistic human element to the equation, the movement analysis scope of this project will transcend categories, connecting animal, robotic and human collective behaviour.



Dancing with Drones Project with Nina Kov - first tests.

Dancing with Drones